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Taira (Maezato) Shinken Eisuke Akamine Kobudo Grand Masters

Hidemi Tamayose

The style of weaponry practiced is called, “Ryukyu Kobudo Tesshinkan” founded by Hidemi Tamayose. Sensei Tamayose was born on July 14, 1949 in Ikema Jima in Miyako, Okinawa. Sensei Hidemi Tamayose began his Kobudo training in 1975 with Sensei Seiyu Nakamura of Kobayashi Shorinryu. In the same year he married his lovely wife, Masako also from Miyako, Okinawa.
In 1982 Sensei Tamayose began to train Kobudo with Sensei Eisuke Akamine of the Ryukyu Kobudo Hozon Shinko Kai at the Hombu Dojo located in Nesabu, Tomigusuku. Sensei Akamine was well known throughout the world as one of Shinken Taira’s most diligent Kobudo student as well as a proponent in spreading the art worldwide.
Tamayose trained diligently under Sensei Akamine and was awarded the rank of 7th degree black belt under the Ryukyu Kobudo Hozon Shinko Kai. Tamayose Sensei was also awarded the rank of 8th degree black belt from the All Okinawan Karatedo Rengo Association.
Tamayose was the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Ryukyu Kobudo Hozon Shinko Kai until Akamine’s death in 1999. Sensei Tamayose is presently the Secretary General of the Okinawa Ken Karate Do Rengo Kai. In 1995 Sensei Tamayose began to travel to North America to spread the growth of Ryukyu Kobudo.
From his visits throughout the world, he now has representations in Canada, United States, Germany and the Czech Republic. Just prior to Akamine’s death in 1999, Tamayose asked him for the permission to form the Tesshinkan organization and was granted this wish with his blessing.
As a result, Ryukyu Kobudo Tesshinkan was born. The words “Tesshinkan” literally mean, the “school of the spirited heart”. Tesshinkan Kobudo is recognized by its powerful techniques, generated from the hips, as well as fluid movements of the body and weapon as one.
Tesshinkan Kobudo emphasizes basics and the practice of 22 kata for eight different weapons. There is also the emphasis on the application of the weapons (bunkai) and how they are deployed.

In the 17th year, Heisei (2005) June 10th, Sensei Tamayose was awarded his 9th dan by the Okinawa Ken Kobudo Renmei. Sensei Tamayose is presently a teacher at Misato-Koguo Kako Technical High School in Hibaro-cho teaching welding.
His plans are to retire from his teaching post of nearly 30 years and devote his time to spread the art of Tesshinkan Kobudo and look after his grandchildren.
His dedication to the art of Ryukyu Kobudo makes him one of the most respected Kobudo masters in the World. His son, Tetsushi, is also a black belt in Tesshinkan.
We'd like to congratulate Tamayose Sensei on the birth of his new Granddaughter, Mikoto Chinen on Dec 13, 2006