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Johnny Hermann

Johnny has adopted martial arts as a personal life-long journey, not actively seeking ranks or accolades. His philosophy has been to integrate eclectically from all sources, focussing on the practical application of theory and techniques.

As a young man, Johnny was fascinated by Bruce Lee. Johnny studied his books meticulously and self-taught, not having money for classes, nor family nor friends in martial arts. In 1994, "late" in life at age 20, he finally joined instructed classes at university.

Johnny practiced numerous empty-hand arts for a few years at a time, including Aiki Jiujutsu, Tae Kwan Do, Jeet Kune Do, and Hapkido. He longed to learn weapons, and so studied Kali, as well as western weapons including swords, knives, and everyday items like umbrellas.

In 2011, Johnny discovered Kobudo and has enjoyed studying under Sensei William Chung at Vancouver Dojo. On October 10, 2014, Johnny was awarded black belt in Ryukyu Kobudo Shimbukan from Akamine Sensei.