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Sandy McLaughlin

At the age of 35, I was introduced to Martial Arts through Tae Kwon Do. After 6 years, I expanded my training by joining a Shotokan Karate school. Following a further 11 years of practice, my Sensei moved to the Bahamas and I was once again looking for a school to continue my training. It was at this time (2005) that I was introduced to Kobudo and began training with William Chung Sensei at the Dunbar Dojo in Vancouver.

A highlight for me was the opportunity to attend the October 2014 Vancouver Kobudo Seminar and meet and train with Akamine Sensei. Also at this seminar were Sensei and students from schools in Switzerland, USA and other locations in BC.

On August 4th, 2017, Sandy McLaughlin was awarded the rank of Nidan by Akamine Hiroshi Sensei, the Kaicho for Ryukyu Kobudo Shimbukan.